Have a Beer with My Mola

Because beer is one of the best things on Earth! My Mola travels the world to painstakingly sample some of Earth's finest craft beers. Learn more about what is being done with malt, water, and hops around the world.

Where to go for Craft Beer in Melbourne, Australia

There is a lot of excellent craft brewing happening in Melbourne, Australia and we were lucky enough to sample a good amount of it during a recent visit to this fine city. I don’t know that I could ever choose a favorite, but we did find three brewers who standout in this sea of talented beer makers.

Sow and Piglets Brewery: A Tale of Craft Brewing from the Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia

Discovering Sow and Piglets Brewery was one of the highlights of our travels along the Great Ocean Road. If your headed that way, or just looking for excellent craft beer, Sow & Piglets should be on your radar.

A Complete Guide to Craft Beer in Singapore

A guide to finding craft beer breweries, beer bars, hawkers and bottle shops in Singapore.

A Beer and a Chat with Heart of Darkness CEO John Pemberton

I took a trip to the Heart of Darkness taproom in Saigon to drink their beer and talk to CEO John Pemberton. Read on for more about our discussion on craft beer, Vietnam, collaboration and the steady genius of Master Brewer Duane Mortan.

Where to Go for Craft Beer in Ho Chi Minh City

The craft beer scene in Saigon is getting a lot of attention lately. Here is a guide to local breweries and what they're brewing.

A Visit to 4 Top Craft Breweries in Cleveland, Ohio

I paid a visit to Cleveland and four of the many outstanding breweries that can be found this side of Lake Erie.

Palaweno Brewery, The Place to Go for Craft Beer in Puerto Princesa

Visiting Palaweno Brewery, a locally owned and operated brewhouse turning out some great beer, and exceptional small-batch coconut rum, on the tropical island of Palawan, Philippines.

5 Spots for Craft Beer in Osaka Japan

The popularity of craft beer has exploded in Osaka, with so many brewers and beer bars you need a map to find them all, literally. Here are 5 breweries to get you started.

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