What's Cooking in Charlotte, NC?

I don't often get lonely when I travel solo because I interact with a lot of people and I'm typically busy. But, we all have to eat, and hunger on the road always lets me know it’s just about time for another awkward table for one moment.

However, Some cities are kinder to strangers than others, and traveling alone can provide opportunities to meet and talk to people you may not have met had you been distracted by a companion. The friendliest destination for solo travelers I've been to recently was Charlotte, NC. It would take years to try all of the restaurants, bakeries, and bars in this city, but here is a list of those I found to be exceptional in both food and service. I have also provided what pricing I am able to recall. 

I went back once for the french onion grilled cheese and I would do it again

The Peculiar Rabbit
1212 Pecan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

I wandered into The Peculiar Rabbit for a dirty martini, but after a friendly waitress brought me the food menu, I decided to come back for lunch the next day to try the french onion grilled cheese.

This sandwich is nuts. It's like a patty melt had a baby with a french dip, and if you can eat it all by yourself, you deserve a hi-five and a t-shirt in my humble opinion.

Booking Charlotte

Even in early-December, it was still warm enough to enjoy the outdoor patio, and if I'm back in the summer, I will be heading to the rooftop seating area for sure.

What’s good: Dirty martini, French onion grilled cheese USD 13.00 with Mama’s Little Yella Pils USD 6.00 made by Oskar Blues Brewery, celebrated by hipsters everywhere for their Dale’s Pale Ale.

I don't even like hushpuppies and I like the hushpuppies at Midwood Smokehouse.

Midwood Smokehouse

1401 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

As part of the FS Food Group, Midwood Smokehouse has multiple locations including one in nearby Columbia, SC. I have been to two and both were comfortable eating houses serving their signature BarBQ in traditional and modern preparations.

What’s Good: Hushpuppies, ½ Order USD 3.00, Brisket USD 13.00-18.00 and Banana Pudding USD 2.50.

Enjoy The Diamond's extended hours until 4 am Friday and Saturday. 

The Diamond Restaurant

1901 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205


I always have and always will love American diners. The Diamond’s menu is a mix of American comfort food and a few traditional Greek plates that were added to the menu in 1984 when a gentleman named Gerry Pistiolis bought the business. You will eat well here any time of day, but for a late night breakfast once the bars have closed this is the place to be. There is also a full bar for those who would rather skip the bar scene.

What’s Good: Burgers USD 5.95 - 10.75+, and The Diamond in the Rough waffle sandwich loaded with eggs, bacon, and cheese USD 7.95. All perfect for sharing, especially after a night of cocktails with new friends.

Make new friends at Common Market.

The Common Market

2007 Commonwealth Ave


The Common Market has multiple locations, but they all received blanket praise from everyone I met at the Plaza Midwood store. A great neighborhood place with a funky punk rock vibe where friendly people go to kick it. I initially thought it was just a deli and went in to buy milk for my morning coffee. Within seconds I realized what a cool, down-to-earth spot this is, so I made some friends and stayed to enjoy a couple of pints of Hoppy Holidays made by NoDa Brewing Company. Here is a link to the market's drink specials and what’s on tap http://commonmarketisgood.com/our-story.

What’s Good: Beer and milk (consumed separately).

Word on the street is the best time to check out NoDa Bodega is for weekend brunch complete with a full Bloody Mary bar. 

NoDa Bodega

1200 E 36th St

I pulled into a parking lot to answer my phone and as I hung up Facebook the internet stalking app alerted me that I was about 100-feet from the NoDa Bodega, so I decided to check it out.

Inside I found everything you could ever want in a deli. There’s an assortment of chips so vast that it takes up nearly an entire wall, a cooler full of drink selections on par with the chip options and a well-stocked display case packed with deli indulgences like potato salad, deviled eggs and desserts all made in-house from scratch. I ordered the chicken salad melt from the rotating sandwich menu and took a seat at the old school lunch counter. 
The owner was in that day and was kind enough to chat me up about Charlotte's history and current demographics. I enjoyed the sandwich and the conversation so much that I took an order of deviled eggs for later. Weird I know, but I love deviled eggs, and if they had a jar full of giant pickles I would have gotten one of those too.

What’s Good: Chicken salad sandwich USD 8.00 and deviled eggs.

The Living Kitchen's vegan burrito wrapped in a collard leaf for those looking for a lighter option.

Living Kitchen
Located in 
Atherton Mill
2000 South Blvd #300


I needed a break from meat and beer, so I decided to try out Charlotte’s vegan scene. There are loads of options for vegetarians and vegans in this city. The food scene is multi-cultural so Indian, Greek and Latin food is plentiful for non-meat eaters. There is also a thriving scene for the health conscious. Vegetarian and plant-based options are available at most eating establishments, and several places serve only vegetarian and vegan fare.

Luna’s Living Kitchen in the Dillworth neighborhood was one that came highly recommended. When I came across their vegan burrito wrapped in a collard leaf I knew this was the place, so off I went.

It may not seem like it's possible, but this was very filling vegan burrito. Be sure to try the fire and brimstone hot sauce if you like a little spice. I promise when you’re done your belly will be full and your hands will smell like you’ve eaten a super burrito from San Francisco's Mission district.

What’s Good: Living Burrito USD 10.50 and Pura Vida Juice USD 8.95

Back to meat and beer at Mac's Speed Shop.
Mac’s Speed Shop

2511 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203


Mac's, like Midwood Smokehouse
, has multiple locations and is often a given as a recommendation for BBQ in Charlotte. People flock here not just for the food but for the atmosphere. There's a full bar that includes several beers on tap. Sit at this bar, and you are very likely to find yourself engaged in conversation with the other patrons in no time flat.

What's Good: Lean Carolina brisket served with a slice of white bread USD 12.00 per person and Collards USD 2.00 per person.

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