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About the Authors

Jaii Fredregill

Jaii Fredregill was born in the United States and spent her childhood between the Midwest, West Coast, and American South. She did not travel beyond the Americas until her studies took her to England and allowed her the opportunity to explore Europe. She returned to her longtime home base, San Francisco, with no job, very little money and only the kindness of friends to see her through those early days back. It was in San Francisco that she eventually met and married Matt Newkirk. The two now reside in Singapore. Together they scuba dive, trek, wander and drink beer whenever and wherever they can.

Matt Newkirk

Matt first got the travel bug in college when he spent four months backpacking across Indonesia. Since then he has been hooked! From trekking in the Peruvian Andes to riding motorcycles all over Asia, Matt hits the road every chance he gets. He is an avid scuba diver, motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoys taking pictures of cool stuff. His current home base is in Singapore with his beautiful wife Jaii.

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