How to take the bus from Cabo San Lucas to the Los Cabos International Airport

Cabo San Lucas hosts a very high volume of tourism. Getting visitors from and to the airport is big business and there are several services available. Private cars, taxis, Uber, shuttles and shared rides are all options. However, they’re also pricey.

Public buses in Baja are cheap, easy and safe. I found the Ruta del Desierto bus to be the best affordable option for travel between Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos airport. Getting the bus is easy and safe. Here are the answers to a few questions people have asked about it.

cabo marina

The Cabo San Lucas harbor

Where do I catch the Ruta del Desierto bus in Cabo San Lucas?

I read a couple of posts that said to catch this bus in front of the Puerto Paraiso shopping mall. I believe this is because when you are coming from the airport the bus stops here.

The landmark I recommend you use is the Post Office - Correos de Mexico Cabo San Lucas, or Mexican Post. The address is Lázaro Cárdenas 22, El Medano Ejidal, Centro, 23451 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico.

There is just one bus stop in front of the post office, so you can’t miss it. Uber and taxis are not expensive to take around Cabo San Lucas. If you call one to take you and your luggage to the bus stop, just tell them you need to catch the Ruta del Desierto bus to the airport. They all seem to know this bus stop. Look for the purple and yellow bus pictured at the top of this post.

Ruta del Desierto_sched

Here is a photo of the route I snapped with my phone. I never intended for it to leave my phone, so it's not great but you can make out the stops.

How much is the fare on Ruta del Desierto bus and where do I buy my ticket?

I paid 80 pesos / USD 4 a couple of weeks ago. You pay the driver when you get on the bus. Try to bring exact change or small money.

Are the buses in Baja, Mexico safe?

Yes. There are a lot of very nice, clean, safe buses in Baja for all distances.

How long does it take to travel between Cabo San Lucas and the Airport by bus?

This bus makes stops along the way and there may be traffic, so you should budget about 90 minutes for your trip to be safe.

Can I bring my luggage.

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, this bus may be a struggle. Backpacks and reasonably sized rolly bags are no problem. I had a large backpack and a daypack, and I had no problem.

Where do I catch the Ruta del Desierto bus at the airport?

If you are arriving on an international flight you will land at Terminal 2, where you will need to go up one floor to bus stop. You can ask at the tourist information counter if you’re not sure.

Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal. You can catch the bus at the bus stop directly in front of the terminal.

Find Ruta del Desierto

Here is the Ruta del Desierto Facebook page where they post updates, schedules etc.

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