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Pharaoh Kufu's Solar Barge, Giza, Egypt

Discovered in a pit at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Giza, this boat was intended to carry the Pharaoh Kufu in the afterlife. At 4,600 years old, It is the oldest boat in existence. 

It is truly a marvel of ancient engineering, as there are no nails or screws holding it together, instead a complex system of knots and lashes hold the interlocking wooden planks together with rope. 

The boat was powered by 20 oarsmen, and four sternsman who would steer the 143-foot-long vessel.

It has been given the name "Solar Barge" by egyptologists because the ancient Egyptians believed that the pharaoh Khufu would travel to the sun in the boat to be reunited with the sun god Ra in the afterlife.

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