Diving Fun Fact

Honeycomb Moray Eel (Gymnothorax favagineus), Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Despite their appearance, moray eels are not related to snakes, they are actually fish.
Moray eels have very small gills, which require them to open and close their mouths frequently to aid in respiration. They are not venomous, but many acquire a toxin in their skin from ingesting algae, making them potentially poisonous to eat.

Moray eels are born from eggs. Once they hatch, they float in the open water for about eight months in a larval stage before being able to swim back down to inhabit the reef. 

We saw this moray eel diving off of Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Read more in our post, Following the Whale Song: Scuba Diving Tofo Beach, Mozambique.

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